How do they sleep at night — a budget travesty

Here are some of the headlines (with links) describing DT’s budget proposal, taken from  this morning’s and yesterday’s Washington Post.  At a time when the United States is confronted with near-unprecedented increases in inequality, and an accompanying collapse of a sense of common citizenship, proposals like these are a travesty against humanity.  It is time to name names, to hold accountable those responsible for this travesty against our common humanity. I begin below.

“Trump administration is aiming to pare food aid to large American families… cut the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps, by $193 billion over ten years”.

“Get to work or lose your benefits”. Budget theme: working to qualify for food stamps and other benefits as part of sweeping anti-poverty programs…..reduce spending on anti-poverty programs by $274 billion over a decade”

“Bipartisan concern for children’s health…. Lower-income children woud have their federal health benefits cut sharply under DTs budget….which could reverse gains that have pushed uninsured rates for this vulnerable population below 5 percent”. …. the budget proposes a 20 percent cut over the next two fiscal years in the Children’s Health Insurance Program”..

“Trump budget seeks huge cuts to science and medical research, disease prevention”. …..the National Cancer Institute would receive $1 billion less, the overall National Institutes of Health budget would drop by $5.8 billion, the National Science Foundation would lose $776 million”

“Budget axes foreign aid: cuts proposed for humanitarian and peacekeeping programs…..with deep cuts in long-term development aid, humanitarian food assistance and peacekeeping missions around the world”.  The proposed reductions include health programs

All of this to pay for massive tax cuts to go disproportionately to the top 1%

The fact that this budget is widely accepted as being ‘dead on arrival’ in Congress is somehow expected to make it OK. It does not. Proposals along these lines violate our shared humanity; we need to hold those involved to account. Here (with quotes) are the names of some of the purveyors of this travesty:

“MICK MULVANEY, director of the Office of Management and Budget  said the spending plan is focused on protecting taxpayer money….. Compassion should be offered not only to the needy who receive government resources, but also to people who pay taxes…..’We need people to go to work…..its not right when you look at it from the perspective of people who pay the taxes…. This is, I think, the first time in a long time an administration has written a budget through the eyes of people who are paying the taxes… ‘

“Secretary of State REX TILLERSON said the proposal reflects DT’s goal of a leaner, more efficient government that prioritizes national security and US economic interests”.

“Deputy Agriculture Secretary MICHAEL YOUNG said the administration is seeking to slash Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to another population as well: low-income households of more than six people, the majority of which include young care the names of some of the purveyors of this travesty:

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