Brian Levy has been a pioneer in efforts to  mainstream institutional and  political considerations into development strategy, at the World Bank and elsewhere.  He currently is on the faculties of the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Cape Town.

Brian Levy is Professor of the Practice of International Development at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He worked at the World Bank from 1989 to 2012. His research is at the intersection of theory and practice – how ‘with the grain’ approaches can sustain hope, and how to turn from rage to renewal.

As long as inclusive growth is rapid, perhaps a seeming excess of order or of chaos may be less a signal that things are off-track than part of the medium-term nature of things….. To achieve progress, we need to begin by seeing things as they are, and to work from there. If we do that, we have the possibility of forward movement. This is the essence of working with the grain. WWG cover

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  1. Thank you, Brian. I spent some time going through the debates laid bare in the exchanges, and I found them to be both fascinating and useful for our work as development practitioners and students. However, the question that arises is that ‘must we just accept that development is in the mercy of those who are in power (both inside and outside of the state)?’. If so, at whose expense and why? Or is the question of ‘at whose expense’ an irrelevant consideration?

  2. Great discovery your book.Read Simon Barber Governance President Cyril Ramaphosa Business Day. Will put your book to foundational use in program I lecture on SOE Risk Governance at Wits School of Governance, Witwatersrand University Johannesburg . Also similar programs in Africa. Your book is major, compelling conceptualization and evidence based framework to engage governance decision makers in Africa facing challenges and opportunities for good governance in both a principled and realistic operation context.
    Your erudite deep thinking and understanding of governance complexity tdelivers problem solving framework of action that addresses existential imperatives .
    Anton Roodt

    • Thanks – and much appreciated! I am based at UCT between January and April, and then again in June/July. Do look me up if you are in Cape Townn during these times. Best, Brian Levy

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